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EP#38 Upscale Home Sales

October 03, 20231 min read

What makes Upscale Home Sales a Good Neighbor....

Mark and Kaitlyn with Upscale Home Sales always go the extra mile and are committed to helping their clients with buying or selling their home.

Listen to the Good Neighbor Podcast to hear how Mark explains the "behind the scenes" of being a realtor, how he and his spouse, Kaitlyn assist their clients through the entire home-buying process.

  • understanding the inspection process

  • hiring the right service industries and contractors to help with any repairs

  • Going above and beyond to assist in areas where most other realtors don't

  • Is available and will answer his phone after hours when possible

Visit their Facebook page: Upscale Home Sales or their website at

Call or text 772-528-5851

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